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Very well known as one of the hardest working men in modern surf music, SURFER JOE has gained through the years the highest reputation in the world community for his musical skills and his well proven capacity to gather fans from everywhere. Although instrumental surf music has evolved in any possible directions from its Californian origins - so much that nowadays sometimes we call surf what is not really surf - SURFER JOE firmly remains into the traditional surf style using guitar sounds, melodies and rhythm patterns that are immediate identifiers of the genre. SURFER JOE plays surf music. Period.
Going from the most aggressive tunes a-la-DICK DALE, to mellow and sentimental ballads, giving an extraordinary attention to the quality of the melodies. During his live performances he can go really loud and wild, but he is perfectly able to roll back, never scared to put in a slow song, driving the show the way he wants. All of this is, once more, reflected in his work 'Swell Of Dwell'.
For fans of Dick Dale, The Lively Ones, The Bomboras, Satan's Pilgrims, Creepxotica etc.

Titel: Swell Of Dwell
Label: Dionysus
Stil: Surf
Typ: LP
Preis: 29.- CHF

SURFER JOE - Swell Of Dwell


Roller Coaster
Make It Quick
A Day At The Beach
Good Ole Times

Hiroshi No Subarashi Ramen
Ampullae of Lorenzini
Difficult Choice
The Surf Side of the Showman

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